Big Launch--The LarmTek Webcam W5 is live.

The World stands in a chaos due to the current Corona Virus situation. Now most people are working from Home. But a lot of people are facing challenges.


The challenges are how people do remote work, study & teach, video, face-to-face conversation etc at home during corona virus. To end this, we have launched our new product HD Webcam W5.The HD webcam W5 is Live !


What makes HD W5 webcam is its unique features, style and user friendliness.


The following are its unique features:

  • High-definition telecommuting, webcast video conversation:

1080p webcam provides high quality video, so that your video calls with your family and friends are as real as sitting face to face, and can provide you with a good visual experience.

  • Built-in microphone for easy communication:

LarmTek 1080P web camera with FULL HD glass lens delivers a high-quality video at a fluid 30 frames every sec.The built-in microphon’s noise suppression filters out unnecessary background noise providing crisp clear audio.

  • Easy to use and flexible placement

Plug and play. The USB connector allows an easy set up. NO additional driver required. With mounting clip and ¼ tripod thread, the USB webcam is suitable for almost any surface, monitor, TV, desktop

  • Automatic low light correction

PC camera with automatic light correction and HDR technology the computer webcam can automatically adjust color and brightness to achieve natural lighting. Even in dim light this technology helps to provide the best possible image. This pro streaming camera provides excellent quality video on Skype, Facetime, OBS, XBOX ONE, Hangouts, Facebook, Zoom, Twitch and more.

  • Beauty effect

1080p HD webcam has High resolution sensor and glass lens,which displays you more beautiful on the video. So you will be more confident when making video calls with others.

  • Privacy cover

Webcam cover protects your privacy from internet hackers.Covering your webcam is essential to stay protected! This handy webcam cover fits over your webcam when not in use, preventing webcam hackers from spying.


Buy now and get a 20% discount. If there is any problem with our product within two months, we will replace or refund. In addition, we have a dedicated after-sales team to answer any questions at any time.