How to use the Webcam properly?


Q: How do I know if my camera is recognized by the operating system?

A: Connect the camera in any USB 2.0/3.0 port. Once the camera is connected, it takes few more moments before the camera is recognized. To ensure the camera has installed correctly, check the following:

Under Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager


Q: How to improve image effect while my pc is used online?

A: light plays an extremely important role in image quality, please adjust your web camera parameter to get better image according to different light condition.


Q: Why my camera does not perform normally while used online?

A: If your pluck your camera before stop your web camera online. the programme may be abnormal. Restart your computer it will be OK.


Q: Why doesn't the image look like 1080P ?

A: The camera itself is actually 1080P, but some video call software will compress the video quality.


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More attention:The camera has a built-in microphone, when you speak, the other party can hear it: but it is not equipped with a speaker. If you cannot hear the other party's speech when using it, please check whether your device has a speaker.